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Carolyn B. Bryant

- For Congress 2024 - District 7

The Game Changer

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Putting My Experience to Work

Carolyn is a third-generation Texan with deep roots in Acres Homes. Carolyn graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles. She is a member of the Magic Circle Republican Women, Fort Bend County Young Republicans, League of Women's Voters, Dexterity Talent Management, and an annual volunteer at Habitat For Humanity. She is the president of Rescue Dogs.


"I'm not a politician, " Bryant says. "I am a Concerned Citizen and that is why I am running for Congress. We the People, must fight to save America, to protect American citizens and American values. Your vote for me will put someone in office who cares about our great country."


Carolyn is a proven winner. She was a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding World Championship Team and a four-time National-Level Powerlifting Champion. Add to that, she is an award-winning journalist, a cover model, and a former beauty queen.  She currently owns and operates two businesses as a Sports Nutritionist and Chef. 


"Jumping into the political arena is so much like training for a competition," she says.  "Except this time, It's not just about me. I am fighting for the American people. People want to see change, but some have lost the will to fight. Some people are simply tired of fighting. I'm here to tell them we can't let up now. There is too much more work to be done. We have a country to save."

Why Choose Carolyn? 

"For starters, Republicans need to show others that the party represents a diverse group of people. Most people are visual. So the fastest way to prove that we are diverse is thru visual representation. Republicans are responsible for controlling the perception that the party only cares about the needs of wealthy people. We must show them that the party includes a majority of working-class citizens."


"Secondly, our country is in trouble of being taken over by destructive ideology. We need more lions in the legislative branch. People who are willing to stand firm on their principles and are unafraid."


Your Vote For Carolyn Supports Legislation For:

1. Protection of Women's Sports - We must push for legislation to be passed in all 50 states to protect our sports divisions, locker rooms and scholarships and all other provisions for biological women guaranteed under Title IX. 

2. Smaller Government.

3.. Energy Independence.

4. Fiscally Responsible Government Spending.

5. Education - We must protect our children. We must return to teaching core subjects in the classrooms that prepare the next generation to be productive and decent citizens. 

6. Homeless Crisis - We must get our men, and especially our veterans, off the streets. We must get them educated, mentally and physically healthy, and prepared for the workforce. 

7. Border Crisis: Close the border and restore the policies for legal immigration

8. Flooding Crisis: Why are communities still suffering from poor draining systems? We can't stop the rain, but we can make sure our tax dollars are being used to keep our homes and roads safe.

Protect the Children

बच्चों की रक्षा करें



Proteger a los niños

محافظت از کودکان

حماية الأطفال

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Let The Freedom Ring!

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Tell Us What Matters

What do you think the role of the legislative government is, and what should change? 

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